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William Hoynes

Professor of Sociology

William Hoynes is Professor of Sociology  and former Director of both the American Studies Program  and the Media Studies Program at Vassar College. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Boston College and joined Vassar's Sociology Department in 1992. Hoynes is a cultural sociologist whose research explores contemporary media and culture in the U.S., with a special focus on the relationships among journalism, the structure of the media industury, and practices of democratic citizenship.

     →  See Hoynes' recent commentary on the 2016 election published on CommonDreams: Learning the Wrong Lesson from the Trump Victory

     →  Hoynes recently worked with Nobody Leaves Mid-Hudson on a study of energy insecurity in the Hudson Valley. Download the report: Just Utilities: Organizing for Solutions to the Household Energy Crisis.

Hoynes is the author of:

Hoynes is co-author of:

Hoynes is co-editor, with David Croteau and Charlotte Ryan, of:

Hoynes and Croteau are co-authors of two widely-used texts:

Hoynes served as Guest Editor of a Special Issue of Peace Review: Symposium on Nonviolent Movements: Prospects and Challenges. in March 2014.

Hoynes teaches classes on various aspects of contemporary media and culture, including: