Faculty Bio

Sukanya Basu

Assistant Professor of Economics



Sukanya Basu teaches both introductory and upper-level courses in the department of economics. She has taught Econ 101 "Introduction to Microeconomics" and is teaching Econ 209 "Probability and Statistics" in spring 2011. She is also developing an upper-level course entitled "Economics of Immigration".


Sukanya Basu's research is in the area of immigration, education and other topics in labor economics. She has studied factors that affect assimilation of immigrants in the U.S. including the impact of larger flows of immigrants on the wages of other immigrants from the same countries, the effects of intermarriage on the labor market outcomes of immigrant women and the role of age of arrival to the U.S. on English proficiency and education of immigrant children. She is currently analyzing the impact of the "American" diet on the health of immigrants.