Faculty Bio

Mark Schlessman

Professor of Biology

Research Interests

I am an evolutionary biologist who loves plants. I am especially interested in the ways that plants distribute their stamens and pistils among their flowers in order to specialize more on either the male or the female component of reproductive success. My favorite plants are those in the mostly temperate parsley family and the mostly tropical ginseng family. I've studied these plants (and some others) in the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountain, and Northeastern U.S., New Zealand and New Caledonia. I'm also interested in the flora of New Caledonia, the flora of the Vassar Farm, and in rapid-cycling Brassica as a model organism for studies of reproductive ecology.

Teaching Interests

I enjoy teaching introductory biology (BIOL 105, 106), Plant Structure and Diversity (BIOL 208), more specialized advanced courses such as Conservation Biology (BIOL 352), and field-trip courses such as Environmental Science 254 Ethnobotany is one of my academic "hobbies" so I'm happy to advise students who are interested in that field.

Selected Publications

* student author