Faculty Bio

Nancy Jo Pokrywka

Professor of Biology

Research Interests

The proper functioning of many cells depends on the subcellular organization of organelles, proteins and mRNAs. The cytoskeleton plays a central role in establishing cell polarity and in localization of important RNAs and proteins, but the molecular details of most localization events are elusive. We are interested in the ways in which cytoskeletal regulation and reorganization can lead to the asymmetrical distribution of RNAs and proteins and to modulation of cell function in general. To investigate these questions we use the developing Drosophila oocyte as a model system. Research in the lab uses a variety of genetic and cell biology techniques, including antibody staining, confocal microscopy, genetic analysis, and computer image acquisition and analysis.

Teaching Interests

Introductory Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering (in the STS program), Bioethics of Human Reproduction (in the STS program)

Selected Publications

* student author