Faculty Bio

Michael Aronna

Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies

Michael Aronna, Associate Professor and Chair of Hispanic Studies, has a Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literature from the University of Pittsburgh, an M.A. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures and a B.A. in Comparative Literature from SUNY, Stony Brook.

Mr. Aronna is the co-editor and translator of The Postmodernism Debate in Latin America (Duke University Press) and the author of ‘Pueblos enfermos’: The Discourse of Illness in the Turn-of-the-Century Spanish and Latin American Essay (University of North Carolina Studies in the Romance Languages and Literatures). His research interests include the relation between medical discourse and notions of national identity, testimonial narrative and literary and cultural theory.

Michael Aronna has taught courses in Latin American cultural history, colonial and modern Latin American literature and culture. He is also a participating faculty member in the Latin American Studies Program.