Faculty Bio

M. Mark

Adjunct Associate Professor in English

M Mark is founding editor of PEN America: A Journal for Writers and Readers, published by PEN, the international organization of writers dedicated to advancing literature, defending free expression, and fostering conversation among writers from around the globe. After receiving undergraduate and graduate degrees at Northwestern University, she founded VLS, the Village Voice Literary Supplement, and served as its editor and publisher for fifteen years. M Mark has edited several books, including Disorderly Conduct: The VLS Fiction Reader, and has worked as developmental editor for Columbia University Press and as director of the Writers’ Center. She has published journalistic and scholarly criticism of literature, film, music, theater, and art. Her essays and stories have appeared in numerous journals and in books, most recently Readymades: American Roadside Artifacts and a reissue of Stranded: Rock and Roll for a Desert Island. M Mark’s teaching interests include twentieth-century and contemporary literature; postcolonial and transnational literature; literary modernism; literature and film; drama; media and visual studies; adaptations across time, space, and media; and imaginative writing (fiction, literary nonfiction, poetry).