Faculty Bio

Jeffrey Walker

Professor of Earth Science

Jeff received his BS from Western Washington University, and an AM and PhD from Dartmouth College.  His dissertation research was on crystal structures of clay minerals in low-grade metamorphic environments.  From this base he has expanded his work to include studies in agricultural sustainability, the agricultural heritage of the mid-Hudson region, and sustainable community development.  He maintains an active interest in low-temperature metamorphism, focusing most recently on studies of the stratigraphy and metamorphism of low-grade rocks of the Hudson Valley, NY

Jeff teaches classes in local geology, soils and sustainable agriculture, rocks and minerals, and volcanology.  His laboratory houses an X-ray diffractometer (XRD), and X-ray fluoresences (XRF) spectrometer (shared with the Chemistry department), and equipment for thin sectioning rocks and preparing samples for XRD analysis.

    ESCI 107 Field Geology of the Hudson Valley
    ESCI 201 Earth Materials: Minerals, Rocks, and Soils
    ESCI 221 Soils and Sustainable Agriculture
    ESCI 285 Volcanology (with field trip)
Recent Publications:
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Walker, J.R. (2008) “Burroughs, Whitman, and Darwin in the Summer of 1883 at Ocean Grove, NJ” in Walt Whitman and John Burroughs: Literary Comrades, Ronald D. Patkus, editor, Vassar College Libraries, 21-30.

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*Sandstrom, R. M. (Michael) and Walker, J.R. (2010) XRF Reconnaissance of the Taconic Melange, URSI Symposium (September).

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