Faculty Bio

Himadeep Muppidi

Professor of Political Science on the Betty Goff Cook Cartwright Chair in International Studies and Chair of Political Science

Himadeep Muppidi is Professor of Political Science and serves on the steering committees of the programs in International Studies and Asian Studies.

His research and teaching interests are in the areas of globalization, critical international relations, South Asian politics and postcolonial theory.

Recent publications


Politics in Emotion: The Song of Telangana, Routledge (U.K), 2014.

The Colonial Signs of International Relations, Hurst (U.K.) and Columbia University Press (U.S.), 2012.

The World is My Home: A Hamid Dabashi Reader, co-edited and Introduction co-authored with Andrew Davison, Transaction Press, 2011.

Europe and its Boundaries: Words and Worlds, Within and Beyond, co-edited with Andrew Davison, Lexington Press, 2009.

The Politics of the Global, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 2004.

Articles/Book Chapters

“Coloring the Global: Race, Colonialism and Internationalism,” Chapter in The SAGE Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International Relations. Edited by Andreas Gofas, Inanna Hamati-Ataya & Nicholas Onuf. Sage Publications, Forthcoming.

“The Elements of Bandung,” in Meanings of Bandung: Postcolonial Orders and Decolonial Visions, edited by Quynh Pham and Robbie Shilliam, Rowman & Littlefield, U.K., 2016.

“On The Politics of Exile,Security Dialogue, Special Issue, 44 (4), 299-313, 2013.

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