Faculty Bio

Bryan Van Norden

Professor of Philosophy

B.W. Van Norden is a Professor in the Philosophy Department, and regularly teaches in the Department of Chinese and Japanese, at Vassar College.  

Professor Van Norden has a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania and a Ph.D. from Stanford University, both in philosophy. His primary area of specialization is Chinese philosophy, but he also has broad interests in Chinese literature and Western philosophy, including ethics.  His most recent books are a translation anthology, Readings in Later Chinese Philosophy: Han to the 20th Century (2014), a textbook, Introduction to Classical Chinese Philosophy (2011), a translation, Mengzi with Selections from Traditional Commentaries (2008), a monograph, Virtue Ethics and Consequentialism in Early Chinese Philosophy(2007), a revised edition of a translation anthology that he co-edited and contributed to, Readings in Classical Chinese Philosophy (2005), and a collection of essays that he edited and contributed to, Confucius and the Analects (2001).

It is unclear how he gets all this done, since by his own account all he does in his spare time is watch TV and teach his teenage kids to play poker.