Faculty Bio

Benjamin Morin

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Benjamin Morin received his B.A. & M.A. in mathematics with honors from the University of Maine, his M.S. in mathematics with a focus in ecosystems informatics from Oregon State University, and his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences from Arizona State University. His postdoctoral work was with the EcoServices group and the Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational, and Modeling Sciences Center at Arizona State as well as the Levin Lab at Princeton University. His research interests spans a variety of mathematical models for ecological and epidemiological processes. Recently his interests have involved using concepts of resource and behavioral economics to explicitly model the impact of human behavior on the outcome of these models. Aside from serious models involving sexually transmitted diseases, influenza, pests and pathogens in traded goods, and anthropogenic effects on species persistence he enjoys modelling things like lycanthropy, zombies, Pokémon, and other such pop culture nonsense.