Faculty Bio

David Bradley

Associate Professor of Physics


Teaching Interests

Professor Bradley teaches both introductory and upper-level physics courses in the department, including PHYS 113/114, the two-semester introductory sequence, and PHYS 240, the first in a two-course sequence in electromagnetic theory. He has also developed a acoustics courses for non-majors and upper-level special topics seminars. Most recently, Professor Bradley was awarded a $10,000 Computational Science Inquiry Module Award by the Vassar Center for Collaborative Approaches to Science (CCAS) Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HMMI) Fund to develop a new course: PHYS 375 Computational Methods in Acoustics.

Research Interests

David T. Bradley's main research interests are in acoustics. Within the broad field of acoustics, he has particular interests in the areas of architectural acoustics, computational acoustics, and physical acoustics. Recently, a multifaceted 5-year project developed by Professor Bradley has been funded for $410,000 by the National Science Foundation’s prestigious Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER), which “supports junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars." This project focuses on acoustic scattering wherein Professor Bradley is working with students to investigate the scattering characteristics of two-dimensional surfaces exhibiting fractal geometries. These types of surfaces are useful in spaces with high sound pressure levels and low-frequency concerns, as is often seen in the ubiquitous multipurpose performing arts spaces being built in this time of economic mindfulness. Professor Bradley's research will aid in the design of this type of surface and lead to more accurate predictions of the behavior of scattered acoustic energy.